About the brand

Ethically and sustainably made in Philadelphia.

I create designs and colorways digitally and screen print them onto unbleached, 100% cotton canvas fabric yardage in my Philadelphia studio.

Meticulous proofing is performed so the colors and patterns are vibrant, crisp, and durable on the end product. The canvas is hand-printed using water-based inks; then it’s dried, stacked, and cut into patterns using a low-waste layout. The designs are field tested for months for durability, stylishness, and currently, each bag incorporates user feedback.

I strive to make a product that is as low impact to the environment as possible. All of this is done with a team of local artists and craftspeople who are paid fairly and given opportunities to further their own artistic and career aspirations.

Nothing is mass produced.

Here’s a one-minute video about my process: